In the Summer of 2000 Sonja Kraushofer met Tobias Hahn for the first time. Tobias was the producer of the L'ÂME IMMORTELLE album "Dann habe ich um sonst gelebt" . Due to the creative cooperation and after lengthy talks the idea grew to get together for joint project, for which Dirk Riegert also played a significant role as song and text writer. Also persuaded to join were Wim Leydes and Martin Höfert who contributed a great deal towards the musical arrangements of the songs.

After six months of preparation and completion, the first album entitled “Home” was produced in the
night-hours studios belonging to Tobias Hahn and Dirk Riegert. The art work was undertaken by the artist Joachim Luetke.

The release of the first album in January was received with enthusiasm by both public and critics. In castles and mansions and within
various other buildings, PERSEPHONE played live for the first time and together with JANUS undertook the extremely successful “Winterreise Tour”. PERSEPHONE also took part for the first time in the annual Wave-Gothic-Meeting. On cello, Martin received support from Holger Wilhelmi who thereafter became a fixture of the band.
In the night-hours studio PERSEPHONE devoted time "Still..." and secretly to an EP production. Dirk Riegert withdraws from the project.
The EP "Still..." is released one year almost to the day after the release of "Home", in a limited edition, which sells out very quickly. There have been plans
for a new album ready for some time which will be produced shortly. For professional reasons and due to limited time Tobias Hahn had to cancel his cooperation on the production of the new album. In November the band goes into the studio to record the album "Atma Gyan" which is released in March 2004. For this album PERSEPHONE brings Matt Howden (SIEBEN) and producer John A. Rivers (DEADS CAN DANCE etc.) on board.

The album "Atma Gyan" is released in early Spring and forms the beginning of a concept that extends throughout the entire year. The linked concert cycle (one concert per month) takes the formation throughout Germany and much of Europe. Johannes Kramer on double bass and cello joined the band in 2003 and now John Abdelsayed (percussion) completes the ensemble.
For the opening concert in April as well as the very successful performance at Schloss Wernigerode the band has extra support from Frederik Behrens on guitar. In Summer the band goes into the studio to record a new album the production of which is once again put into the able hands of John A. Rivers. The album is released at the end of 2004 and is entitled "Mera Sangeet Kho Gaya". It is a completion of the preceding album "Atma Gyan" both musically and thematically and together with the final concert of the year it forms the conclusion of an unusual concept around the mythological figure of Persephone.

PERSEPHONE use this year to give a differing focus in each of their concerts; after a concert given
in the Vienna “Narrenturm” in June they return for a second visit to the city on the Danube. This time the concert takes place in the Burial Museum. Castle Wernigerode becomes a regular place for the group to perform. In summer David Distelmann accompanies the band on the sitar and in winter the singer Dirk Riegert (JANUS) is invited to join PERSEPHONE.

Ideas for a new album start to ripen but it still takes a while until the preparations for this venture can be made; after a joint concert with the band BELLA DONNA something happens that
marks a high point in the history of the band up to now: together with the Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra Wernigerode PERSEPHONE gives the closing concert of the Wernigerode Castle Festival. Martin Höfert writes the musical arrangements that coordinate the band with the orchestra. Towards the ends of the year the concentrated phase of song-writing for the new album begins, the release of which is planned for autumn 2007

With no interruption, work begun in December 2006 on the fourth studio album continues, the title is to be “Letters to a Stranger”, and this time PERSEPHONE cooperate with the label Curzweyhl for the first time. Production
starts in May and is completed in July. Once again John A. Rivers and Joachim Luetke are part of the team. There is a repeat of the cooperation with the Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra Wernigerode, which under the baton of music director Christian Fiztner expertly implements Martin Höfert’s arrangements; Praise and thanks must also be given to sound engineer Friedrich Thein whom PERSEPHONE were lucky enough to be able to engage. “Letters to a Stranger” is released on November 2nd, 2007

This year PERSEPHONE are playing many concerts to promote the record "Letters to a Stranger". Their trips lead them from the Czech Republic via Vienna and Zurich to Holland and Poland.
In Autumn there has been re-released the first record "Home" which had been out of stock for a very long time. Taking this as a cause the band starts another trip throughout the country, playing also at Castle of Kriebstein where years ago the very first concert of PERSEPHONE took place.
2009 PERSEPHONE are breaking new ground: After doing a cover-version of the Song "Pandora's Calling" of the closely associated Band WHISPERS IN THE SHADOW they are working together with the booking agency "Wings Of Destiny" (WOD) and play again at very different places which gives them opportunity to gather in droves of fans. Later that year new members join the band.
Already some time ago Tim Warweg (Percussions) had been taken the place of John Abdelsayed who has been taking a leave of abscence due to family commitments. Also Franz Heinrich Lirsch (Doublebass) and Florian C. Reithner (Piano) step in and give possibility to expand PERSEPHONE's sound. Not only showing that they have grown but also been able to merge this new line-up they were able to prove at Joachim Luetke's artwork-exhibition at the "House of cultures Infeld" which counts as one of their artistic highlights so far.

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