Holger Wilhelmi

The dream of every mother-in-law brings to the band not only his musical enthusiasm but also an enormous joy of activity. There is practically nothing that could discourage or prevent him from playing a PERSEPHONE concert, unless he happens to be in Guadaloupe. He has been playing the cello forever and received the bulk of his musical training from Helmut Sohler (Buchberger Quartet) at Dr. Hoch’s Conservatory in Frankfurt, Germany and has taken part in various orchestral and ensemble projects both at home and abroad. He likes to be sent state-of-play reports per SMS about his favourite football club Eintracht Frankfurt, including during rehearsals. Holger studied law at the Wolfgang von Goethe University in Frankfurt and is today a professional lawyer. He speaks excellent French, though he does not like to be praised for this. This fan of the Simpsons is fond of the good things of life and has for many years held the prize for the most original answering-machine announcements.

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