Johannes Kramer
(Cello, Kontrabaß)

Is unique. The oldest member of the band (b. 1962) and the band’s work councillor, gains a lot of plus points with his dry humour and the fact that he can see the positive side of things even in a pretty hopeless situation. After several years of cello study he taught himself to play the double bass and since then misses no opportunity to face new musical challenges. After classical music and jazz Johannes’ newest project is Finnish tango. His record collection (which is roughly the same age as he is) enjoys both cult and freak status: who else has records by an artist playing a cello with 30 strings or orgiastically recited pasta recipes in Italian? No less impressive are his books that are now piled up on shelves. Not to forget: when on the road to a concert everyone else has long since dozed off, Johannes is wide-awake and devouring a book by an open window, summer and winter.

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