John Abdelsayed

John started drumming at the age of 10 and he hasn’t stopped since. He has held drumming classes, lead workshops, travelled the world and collected a lot of experience and also a lot of instruments. He is the stabilizing element in the band who has never been observed in a bad mood, who swears by self-awareness, fresh mountain-spring water and munches happily now and then on a piece of fresh-picked fennel. His singer identity with the Reggae formation CASHMA HOODY is complemented by the discovery of his dark side with PERSEPHONE – and this seems to please him too because his musical diversity hugely enriches the band’s interpretations, whether live or in the studio. In a word: we are very glad he’s around. He also works as a music therapist and leaves very few opportunities unused to contribute his irreplaceable style towards new and interesting musical projects. The most we could regret is that for a PERSEPHONE concert John has to remove half of the fixtures in his living room – herewith we formally apologise to him for this encroachment into his private sphere!

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