Martin Höfert

Is basically desperate, even without any cause. Nevertheless, the tour manager of the PERSEPHONE concert tours doesn’t give up easily. At some point he conquers the inner hordes of lazy dogs and pushes himself to unknown heights, which has certainly to do with his fondness for dragons. His love of music he pursues with passion in the band’s own project studio, just as long as he is motivated and there is an uninterrupted supply of coffee. High point to date: the concert with orchestra for which Martin, in many weeks of painstaking work, wrote the arrangements, corrected them, suffered, yelled and then finally delivered the error-free scores. Apart from PERSEPHONE, he experiments with the cello, both loudly and softly, discordantly, equalized, transported, exhaustingly – just plain crazy, and continually discovers new sounds. He has been playing the cello since he was seven and finally spent some time at Dr. Hoch’s Conservatory in Frankfurt, Germany. He participates in many studio productions and plays in various orchestras.

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