10.12.2012 - December »

PERSEPHONE returned home safely from their mind-blowing concert in Zurich/Switzerland. Thanks to all who showed up! Now PERSEPHONE will work on future plans and soon there will be revealed some first details on this page.
Until then we would like to recommend once again the "Black Widow" remix by Ingo Römling (aka monozelle).

Ingo is not just best known as a killer musician but is mainly working as a designer and illustrator. Numerous cover-artworks were penned by him (L'ÂME IMMORTELLE, ASP, LETZTE INSTANZ, IN STRICT CONFIDENCE etc.). More about Ingo can be found on his facebook-profiles here and here.

PERSEPHONE feel delighted to see the armadillo (on the right in the picture) giving him a hand creating the remix...

Black Widow (monozelle mix)
  Black Widow
« 30.11.2012 - Song for free

In 2004, it was the first time that the black widow lured her victims with seductive sounds and demanding rhythms. The song "Black Widow" can be found on our album "Atma Gyan" and playing it live is without doubt one of our personal highlights. Passionate, playful, and enchanting – just a song with many facets. For this reason, it has been arranged in various versions, in 2006 even with an orchestra, in 2011 with a string ensemble and horns, and in 2012 it is high time to present you with a remix... well, in this case the term "remix" is a definite understatement... It is rather an entirely re-orchestrated version that fascinates the listener with its hand-made sounds and beats. Hidden behind the pseudonym "Monozelle" is none other than Ingo Römling (designer, illustrator, comic-book artist, musician, and music lover - in short: a dear friend). He was lured into the spider's musical web and paid his tribute to her by creating this fantastic remix. For a long time, we have kept it strictly under lock and key, since we have been waiting for THE moment to present it.

Now, the time is due... but it is only the beginning...

Enjoy listening, dancing, and dreaming...

"Follow me into your worst nightmares..."


» Download "Black Widow" for free

28.11.2012 - Perspectives »

Preparation work for upcoming show in Zurich/Switzerland next saturday is almost done. Soon PERSEPHONE's time will come.

If you cannot make it to "Dynamo" you will be glad to hear that soon more news will be announced on this site.

Dynamo Zürich
  Dynamo Zürich
« 25.11.2012 - At Last

The last concert of the year is about to start: PERSEPHONE will play ahead of DIARY OF DREAMS at the "Dynamo" in Zurich/Switzerland.

Tickets can be ordered here.

The band is very much looking forward to get on stage again. See you there!

12.08.2012 - Exclusive concert in Germany 2012 »

PERSEPHONE will perform together with ASP and DYONISIS at the festival "Die Zusammenkunft II" (the gathering II). This is the only date in 2012 PERSEPHONE will play live in Germany.

This event will take place at the marvelous amphitheatre in Hanau, 1.9.2012. Tickets can be bought via the ASP-Ticketshop.

Furthermore you'll find some pictures of last year's concerts of PERSEPHONE on their facebook-page.

Die Zusammenkunft II
  Amphi Festival
« 14.07.2011 - Kipfenberg & Cologne

At this year's Amphi-festival in Cologne, PERSEPHONE are located at the Theatre. From 17.30 to 18.40h they will be performing on stage.
Later that night you will have the chance to meet them at an autograph session which starts at 20.30h and ends at 21.20h.

Those who still don't know what to do tomorrow night might be interested in the concert at Castle of Kipfenberg. It starts at 20h, doors open at 19h.

PERSEPHONE are looking forward to see you!

21.06.2011 - A Romantic Summer Night »

Before PERSEPHONE will appear at this years Amphi-Festival they will stop at Castle of Kipfenberg to play a concert in strongly acoustic manner.

Whoever would have loved to - but could not - be part of such an extraordinary event may recognize Kipfenberg as the geographical center between Ingolstadt, Regensburg, Augsburg, Nürnberg & Munich. This is the perfect place to gather all those who surrendered due to a too long distance to drive to - the south of Germany definately doesn't offer a better place to summon guests who ever dared to take the experience of PERSEPHONE.

Doors open at 19h, the concert starts at 20h.
Tickets can be ordered online » here oder by phone:
0049 (0) 8465 / 905 707.

Give it a go and visit the museum's website also:
» Website of the museum

  WOD Festival
« 13.03.2011 - And the winner is...

From all submissions there have been two winners drawn: Roman B. and Frank B. are the lucky ones to meet PERSEPHONE at their soundcheck in the Chapel of Castle of Wernigerode. They already have been informed by e-mail.

There are few tickets left... Don't miss this extraordinary event and order tickets now by calling +49 (0)3943 – 553040. The band ist very looking forward to this night and can hardly wait for the date!

We want to give the advice that it would be better to be warmly dressed as although there is heating, it might get a bit cold in the Chapel.

For all the night owls among you here's a little hint:
Those of you who own a ticket of the concert will gain free entrance to the "Kreuzmühle" where that night's theme "Dark Art" starts at 9pm. Thanks very much to Remo Sorge for this cooperation!
For more infos visit:

07.03.2011 - Win a Meet & Greet with the band »

The upcoming concert is approaching: PERSEPHONE will be playing in the Chapel of Castle of Wernigerode at 19th March 2011 (19.30h) and they will be supported by members of the Philharmonic Chamberorchestra of Wernigerode.
Songs like "The Man Who Swalloed My Soul", "Merciless", "Drowning Theme" and many others as well will be performed in completely new musical shape.
There are still some tickets left which can be ordered by phone: +49 (0)3943 – 553040.

This concert means a VERY special event as it is unique to this date and location!!

Meet & Greet at the soundcheck
There's the possibility for two people to meet PERSEPHONE during their soundcheck in the Chapel (18:30h) where you can listen their tunes, enjoy individual care, chat with them etc.

If you want to be one of them, all you have to do is write an email at with the subject "Wernigerode Meet & Greet" (don't forget to mention your name, please).

The winners will be chosen by lot and notified by email. Closing date is Sunday 13th March, 13.13h.

WOD Festival

« 26.02.2011 - Festival "Nocturnal Culture Night"

PERSEPHONE will be present at this year's Nocturnal Culture Night-festival. They'll be playing at 04.09.2011. More details will follow as soon as possible.

Other bands playing at this festival are:
VNV-Nation, Kirlian Camera, Whispers in the Shadow, Merciful Nuns and many more.

» visit the festival's website
» order tickets

01.02.2011 - WOD Festival »

A few days ago the stagetimes of the WOD-festival at 5th Feb/Forum Bielefeld had been announced: So, PERSEPHONE will be entering the stage at approximately21.20h and will perform about 50 minutes.

There has been delivered fresh blood to PERSEPHONE: Benedikt Kuhn prospectively is the man on the piano. A warm welcome to him!

PERSEPHONE are looking forward to the first concert of newly born 2011 and hope to be given the chance to have a chat with the fans after the show!!

Tickets can be ordered at
WOD or the
Forum Bielefeld.

Doors open that night: 19h.

WOD Festival
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