« 20.12.2004 - Relax!

After finishing the concept with the final concert last Saturday we are looking forward to the next couple of days and wish you all a relaxed and merry Christmas and a happy new year.


06.12.2004 - Mera Sangeet Kho Gaya »

This is the title of PERSEPHONE's upcoming album which will be released on 6th December 2004. We want to thank all involved musicians, all friends, Joachim Luetke and John Rivers for the energy they put into this record and their support throughout this year.

The metamorphosis of the rise of Persephone into the world of the living to the returning godess of the underworld who knows that next spring her dolorous vicious circle will start again now has been nearly fulfilled. After the release of MERA SANGEET KHO GAYA there will be the last concert of PERSEPHONE belonging to this very concept. So, who is living near Brussels or who faces every distance to get there, here the facts now: On 18th December 2004 PERSEPHONE will perform at "Le Botanique" in Brussels. The tickets are either 10 Euros in advance or 13 Euros directly at the location on the evening of the concert. For more information just visit "Le Botanique".

Well, a few of you might be curious to know what the new stuff is all about. In this case we will frequently put excerpts of each song and more pictures of the production on this site.



« 02.09.2004 - Next concert

Next time PERSEPHONE will be on stage in Prague. For further information have a look at the Live-section. We hope to see you there...
02.08.2004 - Studio & DEAD CAN DANCE»

Finally PERSEPHONE have been started to record their new album completing the conceptual work around ATMA GYAN.

What we did miss to tell you - while preparing for the studio - is that PERSEPHONE did a cover-version of DEAD CAN DANCE's "Spirit". It is released on a fabulous tribute-double-digipak CD and is named "The Lotus Eater".



« 24.05.2004 - Get your autograph

At this year's "Wave-Gotik-Treffen" PERSEPHONE will be available at the "Sonic Seducer" - stand to sign autographs between 12:00 - 13:00 a.m. Later, at 19:20, the concert will start at the "Schaulspielhaus Leipzig".

Furthermore a new date has been confirmed: The next concert will be at 22nd June 2004 at the "Sinkkasten" in Frankfurt.

14.04.2004 - Update »

After coming back from our first concert in 2004 we added some pictures as well as the profiles of our two new musicians supporting us live on stage, namely Frederik A. Behrens - Guitar and John Abdelsayed - Percussions.

Furthermore we now know the exact playtime at the "Wave-Gotik-Treffen" in Leipzig/Germany. PERSEPHONE will be playing:

Saturday 29th May 2004, 19:20h, "Schauspielhaus Leipzig".

« 26.03.2004 - Release delayed

Due to the insolvency of EFA, the former distribution company, the longplayer "ATMA GYAN" will be released three days later, on 29th March 2004. In order to keep the sense of our countdown we decided to put all lyrics of "ATMA GYAN" as well as the artwork pictures online already. We also offer you a full-length track of the album as a download.

24.03.2004 - Countdown 12/12 »

Last part: The finish

We went to the Woodbine St. Recording Studios, GB, to mix Atma Gyan. Sonja enjoys a... [read more...]



« 22.03.2004 - Countdown 11/12

Part eleven: Goodbye

The end of the recordings, the end of Matt's stay and his "Violin of madness". We'd like to thank Matt for his ideas, patience and... [read more...]

20.03.2004 - Countdown 10/12 »

Part ten: Violin of Madness

Martin prepares the songs while Matt is warming up...
[read more...]



« 18.03.2004 - Countdown 9/12

Part nine: Basic desires

"Just let them go on..." is what Sonja is thinking and devotes herself to the overwhelming feeling of tiredness. By all means: Regarding the 14-16 hours of daily work sleeping in the studio is permitted... [read more...]
16.03.2004 - Countdown 8/12 »

Part eight: Sonja on stage

After two weeks all instruments are done, so it's time to record Sonja's vocals. She starts with "The End Of The World"... [read more...]



« 14.03.2004 - Countdown 7/12

Part seven: Piano & Cello

On the piano, on the cello, behind the desk. There's much to do for Martin who is currently playing... [read more...]

12.03.2004 - Countdown 6/12»

Part six: "Good guitar- Evil bass"

Wim Leydes - writing songs and lyrics for PERSEPHONE as well - plays his parts highly concentrated. His fingers were nearly bleeding... [read more...]


« 10.03.2004 - Countdown 5/12

Part five: We need Bass!

Johannes Kramer (Doublebass), King of low frequencies at "Lost", "My Sweetest Pain", "Black Widow" and "Atma Gyan". The beautiful, warm sound of his instrument makes you shiver... [read more...]

08.03.2004 - Countdown 4/12 »

Part four: Indian style

David Distelmann amazingly creates the right atmosphere for "Secret Garden", "Our Dream" and "Atma Gyan" on his Sitar... [read more...]



« 06.03.2004 - Countdown 3/12

Part three: Percussions and vibes

John Abdel-Sayed plays all percussions on "Atma Gyan". Because of his imagination on over ten instruments we decided to extended the session over two days...
[read more...]

04.03.2004 - Countdown 2/12 »

Part two: Getting started

Sonja and Matt making first decisions in the "Nachtschicht" -Studio. Holger (Cello) plays his parts quite cool, and fastly builds a basic sound which makes things go on further easily... [read more...]



« 02.03.2004 - NEW Website online - NEW Live dates -     FIRST Countdown 1/12

The newly worked-out website of PERSEPHONE is online now. In course of this, some contents are not longer available on this site but will be found on www.darkreflection.de, PERSEPHONE's first fanpage, soon: Interviews and reviews of the albums "Home" and "Still..." as well as Sonja's comments about the production of "Home".
Nevertheless we extended some other parts of this website decently - And first of all we present you the countdown of the new PERSEPHONE - longplayer "Atma Gyan" which will be release on 26th March 2004. Til then you´ll find news every two days with excerpts from our studio-diary - as well as some mp3-snippets.

Part one: The drum session

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