27.11.2005 - Vienna 2005 »

Soon PERSEPHONE revisit Vienna to play once more in an extraordinary location. We hope to see you there. After the concert PERSEPHONE played at Wernigerode there are some impressions added to the gallery.


« 10.11.2005 - Make sure you'll keep warm!!

The preparations for the concert at Schloss Wernigerode are heading towards its peak now. PERSEPHONE are looking forward to perform some songs together with singer Rig of JANUS such as "Coming Home". Being one of the founder of PERSEPHONE he was acting both as a producer and songwriter for the debut album "Home". Back in 2002 there already have been some duet-performances between Rig and Sonja which now are going to be revived exclusively in the impressing ambience of the castle's chapel. By the way: The chapel will be heated but most probably will not be too warm so if you come and visit the concert make sure you're dressed warm enough.

As we were told the presale for this concert is running pretty well and most of the tickets have been sold so if you do not own a ticket yet but want to visit the concert you should get them in advance. Contact 0049 (0) 3943 - 62 54 93 or info@ticketcenter-wernigerode.de to order you ticket.

12.10.2005 - The second season »

Once again Sonja is heading off to Vienna to join the "Ensemble Herzruchstück" performing the play of "Romeo & Jula im Wunderland" (Romeo & Juliet in wonderland) written by Harald Buresch. In this play Sonja plays Juliet who, together with Romeo (Harald Buresch), goes through plenty of weird ups and downs caused by their "Agentin mit Herz" (Saskia Bade).
The dates are from 20th to 24th October, each show starts at 19:30. And again they are taking place at the "Theater am Alsergrund".
Tickets can be ordered by calling the Ticket-Hotline: 0043 (0)1 - 310 46 33. For More Information about this play just take a look on www.haraldburesch.at.

« 06.10.2005 - A Christmassy PERSEPHONE

More dates: On 3rd December PERSEPHONE will have another stay in Austria. In the afternoon they will play a short set in the castle of Bad Vöslau. The concert starts at 17:00 h.
The usual set-length will be reached later that night: At 21:00h PERSEPHONE will perform at the "Bestattungsmuseum der Bestattung Wien" (Burial Museum, Vienna). For those of you who couldn't be present at the concert in the "Narrenturm" last June - there was only a limited number of seats available - this night means a great opportunity to experience the atmosphere of a PERSEPHONE-performance. The set will contain elder and seldom played tracks. The doors will be opened at 20:30 h.
Tickets can be ordered on this website or by phone at the "Bestattungsmuseum der Bestattung Wien": 0043-1-501 950

27.09.2005 - PERSEPHONE LIVE & Special Guest »

Once more PERSEPHONE will play at Schloss Wernigerode this year. On 19th November at 19:00 h the chapel will be put into gentle movement again.
Because Schloss Wernigerode means a special location for the band it deserves a special treatment - so PERSEPHONE invited a special guest: Dirk "Rig" Riegert, singer of the band JANUS will join Sonja and her companions to perform several songs with them. In fact, this events must mean a warm up to him as the "Winterreise"-Tour of JANUS starts short time later. For further information just check www.knochenhaus.de.
The presale of the tickets for Wernigerode has already begun. They can be ordered by phone: 03943 - 62 54 93 or by email: info@ticketcenter-wernigerode.de

« 19.09.2005 - Else Lasker-Schüler 
    "Ich träume so leise von dir"

Due to the 60th anniversary of the death of the famous jewish author Else Lasker-Schüler (1869-1945) Random House Audio releases an audio-CD containing selected poems by Else Lasker-Schüler. The producers Björn Krüger and Julian Hanebeck composed songs around the poems and invited various female singers to perform the poems over the music.

This CD is released at 22nd September and Sonja Kraushofer sings the poem "Weltende". Other singers are: Katja Riemann, Mieze (MIA), Gitte Haenning a.o. For further information please check www.elseprojekt.de.
A very good biography of Else Lasker-Schüler can be found on www.judentum-projekt.de.

22.06.2005 - Here comes the flood... »

After PERSEPHONE have returned from Vienna we have to face the fact that he guestbook is massively attacked by spam-entries. We are not able to force these unwanted entries back so we decided to take the guestbook offline. While a new version of the guestbook is in progress we offer to join the PERSEPHONE-newsletter.

Sonja will do the report on the concertat "Narrenturm" which will be online soon. As well PERSEPHONE now concentrate on the next concert on 23rd July at Schloss Wernigerode. To get a ticket just give the number 0049 - (0)3943 - 62 54 93 a call or write an email to info@ticketcenter-wernigerode.de


« 30.04.2005 - Concert at "Narrenturm"

As mentioned before, PERSEPHONE will perform at the "Narrenturm", Vienna, on 11th June. Originally founded as the first psychiatric hospital before its purposes changed into a museum in 1971. We are looking forward to play in this ancient building.

17.04.2005 - Chat with PERSEPHONE »

On 25th April the band will be present at the VIP-Chat of "Schwarzes Leipzig". To enter the chatroom just click here. We'd like to see you there.



« 30.03.2005 - New live-dates

Finally PERSEPHONE are again planning new concerts. Yet, two dates have been confirmed:

11. Jun 2005, Narrenturm Vienna [A]
23. Jul 2005, Schloss Wernigerode [D]

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