« 24.12.2006 - Prrresents!

PERSEPHONE wish you all a merry Christmas. And as it is usual to make presents, here's one from the band: "The Man Who Swallowed My Soul", filmed at the Castle of Wernigerode in summer 2005 is the first video-file the band presents to the public.

We wish you all a good time and all the best for 2007.

27.10.2006 - New Report online »

PERSEPHONE are looking forward to the concert tomorrow which will be the last for the year 2006. To give you the possibility to review the past activities of the band there is now the report about the overwhelming experiences together with the Philharmonic Chamber-Orchestra of Wernigerode online. Enjoy!


« 05.09.2006 - Concert in Aschaffenburg

Shortly after the return of this successful weekend together with the Philharmonic Orchestra of Wernigerode the next date ist confirmed. PERSEPHONE will play a concert together with DIODATI on 28th October at the Chapel of Johannisburg Castle in Aschaffenburg. The concert starts at 20h. The bands are looking forward to your appearance.

28.08.2006 - "Very Last Night" cancelled »

In spite of numerous bookings we regretfully have to announce that the conert at 3rd September has been cancelled for various reasons. But don't worry: In the future there surely will be the time to make up for an event like this. Neverthelless PERSEPHONE cannot wait to play the concerts together with the orchestra. Let's hope that the weather is fine so they can play open-air at the castle...


« 06.08.2006 - Past, present, future

Soon Sonja and Martin will be visiting Radio Future 2 talking about the past, the present and the future. And it is you who is to be involved: If there's a question you've been waiting for ages to be answered don't hesitate to write an e-mail until 10th August. Or do you prefer to hear your favourite PERSEPHONE-song in the show? Your propositions are welcome...
The interview will be online on 28. August on 'Radio Rheinwelle 92,5' and on the websites of Radio Rheinwelle and Radio Future 2.

And another interview has just gone online: Sonja and Martin are talking with Daniela Mühlbauer about the upcoming concert at Wernigerode and their work on the new PERSEPHONE-record. To read the interview (german only) please click here.

28.07.2006 - Extra-concert "Very Last Night" »

Due to the fact that the tickets for the "Last Night" - concert at 2nd September are completely sold out PERSEPHONE and MD Christian Fitzner, director of the Philharmonic Chamber-Orchestra of Wernigerode, had the idea of doing an extra-concert named the "Very Last Night". It contains the performance of PERSEPHONE's songs as well in the common line-up as in combination with orchesta. In addition, the orchestra will play chosen, dark literature.
So if you would like to be part of this extraordinary happening at 3rd September at the fabulous Schloss Wernigerode you should order your tickets at info@kammerorchester-wr.de until 28th August. As there is just a limited supply of seats, contemporary booking is recommended. The tickets cost 22,- EUR, the concert begins at 19:00 h.

ADVICE: Because the "Very Last Night" is based on a spontaneous idea we ask your sympathy that the concert is just then about to happen if a certain number of announcements have been received. Please don't forget to add your name, adress and email to your order. From 29th August on you will be informed by email.


« 18.07.2006 - Songs in XXL

Again PERSEPHONE will perform and again it will be happening at Wernigerode. But this time there will be one of the most amazing changes in the line-up of PERSEPHONE: The band is part of this years "Last Night"- concert at Schloss Wernigerode and will play some of their songs together with the Philharmonic Chamber-Orchestra of Wernigerode! They are really looking forward to this top event on 2nd September 2006. The concert starts at 19:30h. As this is an open-air-concert it might be necessary to move if the weather is bad. In this case the concert will take place at the Mercedes-Benz-Center Wernigerode. Tickets can be ordered at info@ticketcenter-wernigerode.de. The day before (1st Sep) there will be a guest-concert at the Mercedes-Benz-Center at 19:30h. For more information please visit www.kammerorchester-wr.de (orchestra) and www.schloss-wernigerode.de.

16.07.2006 - We are MySpace »

Finally PERSEPHONE's MySpace-appearance is online.
Feel free to pop in: www.myspace.com/persephonehome.



« 12.06.2006 - Report online

At least the report of the concert in Prague has been finished. You'll find it under Live>Reports. As well there are some Band-Pictures added.

06.08.2006 - Retrospection II »

Again there are some pictures of the latest concerts in Gefrees and Munich online. We didn't forget about the report which is still in progress.


« 10.05.2006 - Retrospection I
After all PERSEPHONE and BELLA DONNA have arrived home safely. So today we present you some pictures of Hanau and Prague. Within a few days, the report will follow, telling of all the adventures, PERSEPHONE were involved.
The bands are looking forward to welcome you at the concerts of the next weekend: On 19th May at Pendragon/ Gefrees and on 20th May at Spectaculum Mundi/ Munich.

28.04.2006 - From Praha with love »

PERSEPHONE and BELLA DONNA would like to welcome you at the Church of St.-Jan-Krtitel in Prague. After the start of the May-Concerts in Hanau on 5th May, Prague is the next runner up. The church, well-known for its flawless acoustics seems almost to be waiting for the strings to be hit and the voice to be heard...

BELLA DONNA will be presenting their new album "II", PERSEPHONE created a new set, containing as well classics as "The Man Who Swallowed My Soul" and "Black Widow" as seldom played pieces as "The End Of The World".


« 25.03.2006 - PERSEPHONE & BELLA DONNA Live

PERSEPHONE will play some concerts in May. Together with BELLA DONNA the band will play in Southern Germany for the first time and they are really looking forward to visit Praha again where they already had a concert in 2004. The dates are:

05. May 2006, Reinhardskirche/ Hanau [D]
06. May 2006, Church of St. Jan Krtitel/ Prague [CZ]
19. May 2006, Pendragon/ Gefrees [D]
20. May 2006, Spectaculum Mundi/ Munich [D]

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