24.12.2007 - Merry X-mas »

PERSEPHONE wish all of you out there a merry x-mas and a happy new year!
There'll be more news in 2008.



« 22.11.2007 - "Cold Winter ahead"

The first concert has been absolved successfully in Darmstadt last Saturday. This weeks Saturday PERSEPHONE will be present at the Castle of Wernigerode to perform their new songs in a most probably cold church. So if you are coming to enjoy this night you should take care of your health. Anyway, you wouldn't like to disturb the concert with your teeth making a noise, huh? ;)

02.11.2007 - Another big day »

At least it really happened: As well as 'Letters to a Stranger' the 'bigger brother' of the website which you were looking at so far is presented to the public now. With all the old and new content. The fourth and last part of the "Making Of 'Letters to a Stranger'" takes care of everything and anyone whom wasn't paid any attention so far.
The production-reports have been finished now by adding the last remaining station the album had to 'absolve' to become what you now might call your own: John A. Rivers, whose fine instinct and sameways sensitive and sensible approach towards the music of PERSEPHONE made this release a very special, indeed. The report has moved, now. You'll find it underneth the tracklist in the "Releases"-section (Releases»Letters to a Stranger).
There's also another Making-Of viewable: It is about the "Last Night" - concert in late summer 2006 when PERSEPHONE performed together with the Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra of Wernigerode.
And as well you'll find brand-new wallpapers, an MP3, a new band-profile.... but surely you'll find out youself, getting into this site. All we have to say now is: Enjoy!



« 31.10.2007 - Release of 'Letters to a Stranger'

Next Friday, Nov 2nd, 'Letters to a Stranger' finally will be in stores. To celebrate this event this website will be presenting the full range of information and other stuff like wallpapers, mp3, and even there will be a video about the collaboration with the Philharmonic Chamber-Orchestra of Wernigerode last year online. And, of course, a new guestbook! But there's still something to come: On Friday there will be the fourth and last part of the "Making Of 'Letters to a Stranger'" online and as well the final production-report.

To make a flawless change over to the new website possible this page will be offline for tomorrow. We kindly ask your patience. Thank you.

30.10.2007 - Inner turbulence »

"As usual vocals are recorded at the end of a production. It’s good to sing along the finished tracks but also the problem that the deadline is in sight. There are two weeks to go until we’re heading off to England and I’ve got to finish the tracks by then. Still..." [read more...]


« 29.10.2007 - Vast suffering

After doing the sessions with all guest-musicians you might be wondering what happend in between, when those weren’t around. Well, it must have been something, though, and today we tell you what it was:... [read more...]
26.10.2007 - Making Of - The orchestra »

The third part of the "Making Of 'Letters to a Stranger'" is concentrating on the Philharmonic Chamber-Orchestra of Wernigerode where PERSEPHONE worked together with Friedrich Thein to record the new tracks for their upcoming release. Check it out on PERSEPHONE's MySpace-Appearance.



« 25.10.2007 - They're all alone...

...since Vassily Dück has left the studio after finishing his session. Now it's up to Sonja and Martin "to finish the rest of the recordings before we head off to England into John A. Rivers’ Woodbine Street Recording Studios..." [read more...]
22.10.2007 - Making Of: Part II »

...is online now! Check out PERSEPHONE's Myspace-Appearance.

« 15.10.2007 - Slowly but surely

...the first part of the four-part-episode of the "Making Of 'Letters to a Stranger'" is online. This time it will be available on the newly designed Myspace-appearance of PERSEPHONE.
As well there are some news about the upcoming concert in Vienna: The concert will start at 20:30h at 'Schloß Neugebäude' (doors open: 20h). Tickets can be ordered by phone 0043 (0)1 96 096 or via internet visiting www.oeticket.at. PERSEPHONE would like to see you there. Priceses are 17,- EUR presale and 18,- EUR doors.

13.10.2007 - Vienna calling »

"...*krrrrrsss*zzzieeeep*chchrrrrsshhhh*„It’ll stay as hot as the days before.......” is what we hear from the radio when we wake up very early in the morning at 26th May, remembering the journey which lays ahead of us. To avoid unneccessary traffic-jams we..." [read more...]

« 13.10.2007 - Song for free/Live-Date

There is a free mp3 download available on finetunes.de giving you a glimpse of the upcoming release "Letters to a Stranger".
On Monday 15th there will be the first of four "Making Of 'Letters to a Stranger'"-episodes online. Already, there is a small teaser on the band's youtube-profile online now. Enjoy.

Another Live-Date has just been confirmed: PERSEPHONE will play at the Club Zentral in Stuttgart at February 2nd 2008. You can order Tickets by phone +49 (0)711 / 2 555 555 or check the website www.modernewelt.de (german) for more details.

05.10.2007 - Schwarzes Rhein Main and    
Frankfurter Rundschau present: »

PERSEPHONE live at Centralstation Darmstadt/Klaviersaal. The concert starts at 8pm, doors 7pm. For tickets please visit www.centralticket.de (german). You can also order tix by phone: +49 (0)6151-3668899.



« 28.09.2007 - PERSEPHONE Live

At 24th November PERSEPHONE will be performing the songs of their new record at the Castle of Wernigerode. The concert will start at 7pm.
Tickets can be ordered by phone: +49 (0)3943-553040 or by e-mail: schlosswr@t-online.de.
It is recommended to get the tickets in advance for usually PERSEPHONE's concerts at the Castle are sold out.
Tickets: 18,- EUR pre-sale, 20,- EUR door

25.09.2007 - In the heat of the night »

"When he arrives it is still too warm even though nightfall already started. Three poeple inside the small studio and the whole recording-paraphernalia helps the heat..." [read more...]


« 13.09.2007 - Letters to a Stranger

After remaining silent for long enough PERSEPHONE now announce the title of their new record: "Letters to a Stranger" will be in stores on 02.11.2007. For sure they will be performing the songs live, as well. The tracklist and tourdates are online now [continue...]

More production-reports will reveal the answer to the question why the recordings for one song were made in Vienna and will also refer to Sonja's and Martin's stay in England...

05.09.2007 - Revelation »

"As we are optically linked to the recording-room we also get a good visual impression of what’s going on. After a short while there’s a little break and some of the members of the orchestra step into..." [read more...]



« 28.08.2007 - Today is a big day

"At 20th May Martin and I arrive at Wernigerode and meet recording-engineer Friedrich Thein with his assistant Lars Reichmann. In order to start the next morning with recording we have to install..." [read more...]
24.08.2007 - Magic Man »

"Say a big hello to John Abdelsayed who enters the studio on 16th May. To work together with him is always joy because he plays very inspiring stuff. As on this record the drums take the main part of the rhythm-section, John did not have to come up..." [read more...]


« 16.08.2007 - Writing history

"Today is going to happen something completely new: First time in band-history there will be brass on a record! At 14th May Thomas Vogel arrives on spot..." [read more...]
12.08.2007 - Mother's Day »

"Next day is a verrry special day: Mother’s Day! Reason enough to start with a nice cup of coffee and the rest of the cookies. We’re making good progress today as everything is still set up the way we need it to be so this..." [read more...]


« 08.08.2007 - Weekend!

"...As we get there I feel completely lost for everything looks so different! Luckily enough we quickly find the way to the Groovewerkstatt which appears to be situated right around the corner... Martin is already expecting us with..." [read more...]
04.08.2007 - Next, please »

"Next runner up is Tim Warweg who joins us at the Groovewerkstatt at 10th May. He will be playing one song. Unfortunately we have to deal with several problems on this one. After a short while..." [read more...]

« 30.07.2007 - Something's about to happen...

It’s been quite a long time ago that there were some news on this page. So you may be glad to hear that there is a simple reason for that: PERSEPHONE have been doing another record. Yes! It’s done. And again they have been working together with old friends like producer John A. Rivers or Joachim Luetke who is currently working on the visual appearance of this upcoming release. But there have also been sessions with musicians who are “new” to PERSEPHONE. And as usual PERSEPHONE captured the impressions of all the sessions and today present the first part of the studioreport. Starting things off with Lothar...

07.03.2007 - PERSEPHONE for sale!! »

PERSEPHONE are on ebay. Well, not actually themselves but a big fan bundle containing the two albums "Atma Gyan" and "Mera Sangeet Kho Gaya" as well as 2 "Persephone"-cups and a signed autograph card. This auction is organized by the Gothic-Aid "scene for charity" who helps supporting various organizations by collecting donations and transfer them regularly. Take a look at the Gothic-Aid Website to find out more.
The auction ends at 15/03/07 at 20:00h. PERSEPHONE and the Gothic-Aid-team would be pleased to see many people helping. » Visit auction (in german; shipping worldwide)

And we proudly announce that the metal-charity-event Headbangers Ball (News from 04.02.2007) was a great success: Great bands and artists, a cool metal-night and at the end there were 2.300,- Euro handed over to the austrian children's cancer aid.


« 04.02.2007 - A little metal-theatre!

Attention all of you: Sonja's going to be on stage again. Once more she will take the part of Constanze in Harald Buresch's piece of theatre "Kein Mozart" (No Mozart). The play will be performed at 20., 21. and 23. February. Please visit Harald Buresch's website to find out more.

Furthermore Sonja will be performing at this year's HEADBANGERSBALL. It is known as a charity event of Austrian's metal-scene whose benefit is given to the Österreichische Kinderkrebshilfe (Austrian Cancer-Aid for Children) live on stage! At this night there will be several artists performing live, such as Victor Smolski and Peavey Wagner of RAGE. This event is going to take place at 24. February at the Szene Wien.

For this event of course all the other members of PERSEPHONE as well ask you to come and support this night.

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