« 23.11.2008 - One last time

For one last time the setlist of the "autumn concerts" will be performed. Next Tuesday you'll have the chance to become witness of the very last concert of PERSEPHONE in 2008.
If, you can get tickets on the Rex-Theatre's website.

Still this is not the end of this years news as it has to be revealed what happened to Sonja and her men whilst being on this special tour.

See you soon...

09.11.2008 - Nürnberg/Prague »

Upcoming Friday, Nov 14th, PERSEPHONE will be playing in Nürnberg. We have been informed that it might need more time to park the car there so please include this time into your travelling-plans.
The location of next day's concert in the Czech Republic has changed: It won't be at the Château Karlova Koruna (Charles Crown) but at the already well-known Church of St.-Jan-Ktitel/Pradlo in Prague (20.30 h) instead.

Note: The ticket-presale for Nürnberg is not longer available because it cannot be guaranteed that sold tickets would arrive in time. Still there is the possibility to pre-order tickets » via email (please do not forget to mention your name and the number of tickets - payment at the box office).

» Tickets for Nürnberg


« 29.10.2008 - Waiting comes to an end...

...on this Friday: PERSEPHONE's debut-album "Home" then will be available again in stores.

And PERSEPHONE weren't themselves if they wouldn't celebrate this happening condignly - with a concert at the beautiful, romantic Comoedienhaus Wilhelmsbad in Hanau.
The setlist was specially designed for the 'Autumn Concerts 2008' and puts the focus on the songs of the debut-album which presumably might be the most intense so far as the past performances at Castle of Kriebstein and Castle of Wernigerode showed.

PERSEPHONE are in delightful expectation of this night and its guests.

05.10.2008 - Presale Castle Kriebstein »

The past few weeks PERSEPHONE have been full of excitement for they cannot wait to perform once again the songs of their debut-album "Home". So, next friday the autumn-concerts will start at the Castle of Kriebstein - the place where the live-history of the band began in 2002.

In this regard the ticket-presale for Castle of Kriebstein is not longer available because it cannot be guaranteed that sold tickets would arrive in time. Still there is the possibility to pre-order tickets » via email (payment at the box office).

The band is very excited to play again and see you at the concerts...


« 21.09.2008 - Coming Home · Autumn 2008

Due to the re-release of their debut-album "Home" (out on 31st Oct) PERSEPHONE will present the fragile songs about grief and despair on a little tour entitled "Coming Home" at some chosen locations.

Recently added: The Rex-Theater in Wuppertal where the band will perform at 25.11.

Please check » www.rex-theater.de for more information and tickets.

31.08.2008 - Utrecht report »

The report about the concert at the Summer Darkness Festival is online now.

» Go to report

« 14.08.2008 - Presale

Today the presales for the concert at 14th Nov in Nuernberg have started. The tickets are just available on this website.

The concert starts at 8.00 pm and will take place in the Hirsvogelsaal at the Museum Tucherschloss.

» order tickets (in german)

05.08.2008 - Approaching the Netherlands »

After PERSEPHONE had crossed the borders to the east in July, their attention now points to the west: Upcoming Friday, 8th August, they will be performing at the local Cathedral in Utrecht, Netherlands (Achter de Dom 1). The concert starts at 6:30 p.m. Once more Tim Warweg will take the percussion-part.

Recently Sonja was doing an » interview for the online-mag Cyber-Angels (in english). Some secrets about spooky phantoms, austrian cartoons, chocolate, eternal love and of course about the Letters To a Stranger shall be revealed.

« 29.07.2008 - New stuff

After you have been waiting for a very long time now there is another report online concerning the band's travel and concert to Bolkow, Poland where PERSEPHONE was invited to play at the "Castle Party"-festival last weekend.
Enjoy their story...

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23.07.2008 - Concert in Poland »

On Friday the 25th of July PERSEPHONE will play in Poland for the very first time. The concert takes place in the catholic church at the old city square of Bolkow within the Castle Party-festival and starts at 8.00 pm.

Please notice that tickets are limited and separated for this night. Tickets will be available before the show only and cost 6 Euros.
PERSEPHONE are really looking forward to play in Bolkow and will spoil the audience with their breathtaking "Letters to a Stranger" - show.

You`ll find more information about the festival at: www.castleparty.com


« 08.07.2008 - New Live-Dates

Three more dates have been confirmed for the upcoming autumn-season: On 31st Oct (Helloween!!) PERSEPHONE will be at the beautiful "Comoedienhaus Wilhelmsbad" in Hanau.
The pre-sales already started: Just take a look at www.frankfurt-ticket.de or pick the phone and call the ticket-hotline +49 (0)69-1340400.

In November the band will be in Nürnberg for the very first time at Nov 14th. The day after, they once again visit the Czech Republic to be part of the gothic-ball at the Château Karlova Koruna (Charles Crown), Chlumec nad Cidlinou.

21.06.2008 - Gallery »

New pics from this year's Wave-Gotik-Treffen in Leipzig have been added to the gallery. A big "Thank you" to Jan from Nostalgia Nostra (www.nostalgianostra.de).

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« 12.06.2008 - New Bootleg available

There is a new video-file available in the "Multimedia"-section. It contains the song "Everlasting" from PERSEPHONE's latest record "Letters to a Stranger" and was filmed during their breathtaking performance at the Schauspielhaus Leipzig at this year's Wave-Gotik-Treffen.

» watch "Everlasting Live"

05.06.2008 - Autumn-Concerts »

For the concerts in autumn you can now order tickets:

You can purcase tickets for the concert at Castle Kriebstein (where back then PERSEPHONE played their very first concert) at 10th October on this website (IN GERMAN!!).

Tickets at Castle of Wernigerode can be ordered via e-mail or by phone: +49 3943-553040.


« 18.05.2008 - Review

After returning home from an impressive Wave-Gotik-Treffen in Leipzig there is another "impression" waiting to be announced:
Carl Jenkinson has been writing a review about "Letters to a Stranger" which you can read on www.hard-wired.org.uk. Thank you, Carl, the band feels very pleased...

08.05.2008 - Wave-Gotik-Treffen getting close! »

Now the Special-Gallery about the "Letters to a stranger" - shows has been finally completed! A very big "Thank You!" to the photographers

Florian Matzhold (www.TheDarkCrusade.info)
Tamara Talmann (www.vangoth.de.vu)
Uwe Bartzsch (www.gothicandart.de)
Iwan v. Zeller (www.carpenoctem.ch)
Norbert Pfeifer (www.musikmag.de)
Ritti (www.rittis.de)

who helped a lot making this possible.

» watch Special-Gallery

You all have noticed that PERSEPHONE will be present at this year's Wave-Gotik-Treffen in Leipzig. Good.
And you also have noticed that they will play two concerts. Even better.
BUT what you do not know yet is that they will be playing two different sets. So if you want to listen to songs like "The Gift" and "Atma Gyan" again and if you are strong enough to withstand the power of other breathtaking surprises you shouldn't miss none of it!

ALSO you can purchase tickets for the concert at Castle of Kriebstein upcoming October - just talk to the "Lord" (he's the good-looking guy taking care of the band's merchandise).
And if it weren't enough there is a new t-shirt available. And this time it's not a girlie but for real MEN:

« 05.05.2008 - Live, live, live

The second part of the "Letters to a Stranger" special-gallery is now online, telling a bit about the concerts in Wuppertal, Stuttgart and Zurich.

» watch Special-Gallery

Furthermore there are now some details available concerning the upcoming Wave-Gotik-Treffen in Leipzig next weekend: PERSEPHONE will do two shows!
On Saturday they will be playing at the "Heidnisches Dorf", 10 pm. The next day you'll find them playing at the "Schauspielhaus Leipzig" (Theatre).

27.04.2008 - Special-Gallery »

Remember? PERSEPHONE did some concerts in early 2008. Finally some live-pictures and impressions are available in the "Special-Gallery" of the "Letters to a Stranger" - Tour.

« 19.03.2008 - Sign of life

After it's been a good long while that there had been news there are now more live-dates to announce:

PERSEPHONE will be playing at this year's Wave-Gotik-Treffen in Leipzig! As well there is another festival coming up which the band will participate in: The Summer Darkness Festival in Utrecht, Netherlands.
In October they will be travelling on their own again to the Castle of Kriebstein and the Castle of Wernigerode. Those of you who know PERSEPHONE from the beginning might remember that Castle of Kriebstein was the first concert they had ever been playing! So if you are cult-addicted: Here is one!

Please check the blue box at top of the page and follow the links to get more information about schedules, tickets and so on. Missing links and/or information will be added as soon as they are available or we get notice.

05.02.2008 - The Return of PERSEPHONE »

After getting back safely to their hometown after that weekend away in Wuppertal, Stuttgart and Zurich, there are more news about PERSEPHONE which just cannot be held back any longer:

Since PERSEPHONE collaborated with orchestra for the first time, there was a dream growing in Martin Höfert's head: To do a soundtrack for a movie. Well, it seems as if this could already happen in near future because he did some music for a project that's currently in competition. And if you want it to win, please vote for it.
Maybe you should » watch it first:
It is called "Hagezussa" and is an adaption of "Hansel and Gretel" in an more like end-times context. Though you have to register to post a voting it is quite simple and does not demand anything personal except your email adress.
The voting lasts for this week only, so hurry up and keep your fingers crossed!

A 100% sure however is that PERSEPHONE will be in Hannover and Leipzig next weekend to play the last concerts of the small but extraordinary "Letters To A Stranger"-tour. They'd be delighted to meet you there.


« 24.01.2008 - The Percussionist

Unfortunately John is unavailabe for the first two shows in Prague and Vienna but PERSEPHONE found someone - not a stranger anymore - to fill in:

Tim Warweg, also know playing the Vibraphone on the last two LPs will be on stage with PERSEPHONE this weekend.

19.01.2008 - Many stages... »

...is what the "Rex-Theater" went through during its existance so far: Different purposes, different names but though it always seemed to be something special what was happening in there. So this looks like a perfect match to PERSEPHONE who are looking forward to step into this ancient hall. Nevertheless they are also keen of the other cities, Stuttgart and Zurich, where same as Wuppertal PERSEPHONE never have been playing before. So for them it's not "many" but of course "new" stages...

Further details:

01.02., Wuppertal - Rex-Theater:
Start: 20 h, advance: 18 EUR, doors: 22 EUR
To order tickets right now please click » here.

02.02., Stuttgart - Club Central:
Start: 20 h, advance: 12 EUR, doors: 16 EUR
Pre-order by call: 0049-(0)711-2 555 555

03.02., Zürich - Dynamo:
Start: 20 h, tickets: 32 CHF/30 CHF
To order tickets please click » here.


« 16.01.2008 - New Live-Date added

The latest Live-Date of the tour "PERSEPHONE LIVE - Letters To A Stranger" has been added.

At 9th February the band will play at the "Kulturbundhaus Leipzig". For there is just a limited number of seats available it is recommended to book them in advance. There are two ways of doing that:

EITHER you call 0049-341-9800324 (Kulturbundhaus) OR you write an e-mail but pleasepleasepleasepleasePLEASE do not forget to mention your:

· name,
· e-mail-adress and the
· number of tickets

you'd like to reserve.
To do this right now please click » here.

Further details:
Doors: 19:00 h· Start: 19:30 h · Fee: 15,- EUR

14.01.2008 - First Shows in 2008 »

PERSEPHONE are looking forward to play the first concerts of the year in Prague and Vienna: Two beautiful cities where already past concerts have been successfully taken place.
The band will play totally acoustically in the Church of St. Jan Na Pradle on Friday 25th which owns one of the most amazing acoustics ever known to the band. So this for sure will be a breathtaking experience for both the audience and PERSEPHONE - which means you shouldn't miss it if you're fond of extravanganza and intimacy among the concerts you attend.
On Saturday 26th the band will be in Vienna and play (as well completely acoustically) at the wonderful old, mysterious and athmospheric castle "Schloß Neugebäude". PERSEPHONE would like to thank the municipal funeral parlour/burial museum of Vienna who presents this concert.
Below you'll find detailed information about the the first two dates in 2008!

25.01., Prague:
Start: 19:30 h, advance: 200 CZK, doors: 250 CZK · To pre-order a ticket please click » here.

26.01, Vienna:
Start: 20:30 h, in advance: 17 EUR, doors: 18 EUR
This concert is kindly supported by:

(municipal funeral parlour/burial museum of Vienna)
You may order tickets » here (in german) or pick up the phone:
0043-(0)1-96096 · On www.eventszene.at there's currently a raffle running. The price: 2x2 tickets for the concert in Vienna. Good luck!


« 06.01.2008 - Gallery-Update & upcoming concerts

2007 is gone now. Time to move the old news into the archive and add some new pics to the gallery.

But already PERSEPHONE are preparing for the upcoming concerts in Prague, Vienna, Wuppertal, Stuttgart, Zurich and Hannover where they once again present the songs from "Letters to a Stranger".To order Tickets for these events please check the box above and follow the links or give the numbers a call.

If you are planning to go to the concert in Vienna, you'll find an overview » HERE if you're using public transport and another one » HERE if you decide to go by car (pdf). More information about the dates will be dropped soon.

PERSEPHONE are looking forward to your appearance.

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