« 24.12.2009 - "It's.... a date!"

Before PERSEPHONE say good-bye for this year and wish you all the best for 2010 there is another concert to be announced. More information will be provided as soon as possible.

We wish you a Merry Christmas!!

11.11.2009 - Plage Noire concert »

Now there are more details to announce about the concert at the Plage Noire-festival:

  1. Martin is on the road to recovery and will be able to play the concert.
  2. PERSEPHONE will be on stage at Friday, 18:00h.
  3. Before, there will be a signing session at 15:45h at the local Zillo booth.
For further infos about the festival please visit:



« 07.11.2009 - NEWSFLASH:
    Koblenz concert cancelled

Due to a severe cold Martin is suffering from which also shows symptoms of a minor hearing loss PERSEPHONE are unable to play the concert in Koblenz tomorrow. We wish him to get well as soon as possible.

03.11.2009 - "Koblenz klingt" »

November is not necessarily well known as being the peak of the open air season. Nevertheless forthcoming Sunday PERSEPHONE will be playing at the town hall square in Koblenz.
Exceptionally just Sonja and Martin will be present at this day, but don't worry: Next time all of them will be around again!

» infos "Koblenz klingt"

PS: Accidently Saturday was named as the day of the concert in the newsletter. We kindly ask your pardon.



« 18.10.2009 - New dates

Again there are new dates to pronounce:

At 8th Nov, PERSEPHONE will be enchanting Koblenz's inner-city-audience on the streets just as they did in Würzburg shortly.

» infos "Koblenz klingt"

The week after they will be at "Plage Noire Festival" way up north at the Weissenhäuser Strand where also other well-known bands such as ASP, LONDON AFTER MIDNIGHT, DEINE LAKAIEN etc. will perform.

» infos Plage Noire Festival

24.09.2009 - Death transformed »

After PERSEPHONE were released by the elves, troopers, zombies and even death himself they are going to have another meeting with the grim reaper:

On saturday they will perform at the Bestattung Wien (Funeral service Vienna) and present themselves with the new line-up to the Austrian audience for the first time. Tickets can still be reserved by phone:
+43 (0)1 - 901 95 4211.
The pre-sale on this website is not longer available. The concert will start at 20.00h, the doors will open at 19.30h.

On friday PERSEPHONE will be musically opening the vernissage of Joachim Luetke. At this event not only his artworks will be presented but also his multimedia-DVD "Transformer", containing his past works on visualizing music. An impressive trailer can be watched on youtube.

PERSEPHONE feel once more delighted to visit Vienna and... you.



« 18.09.2009 - New shape finish

Today you are introduced to Franz Heinrich Lirsch. He is playing the bass and has been side by side on stage with Sonja at L'ÂME IMMORTELLE. After she discovered his fondness for the doublebass it was just a small step asking him to join PERSEPHONE. He studied bass at the conservatory in Vienna as well as analytic philosphy. Countless concerts have taken him all over the globe. He is familiar with all kinds of music like classical, jazz, rock and modern music.

For the very first time PERSEPHONE will be performing at the Elf Fantasy Fair Festival (NL) in this new shape this weekend. On saturday and sunday they will play two concerts each day:

Saturday, 19.9.: 10:15 h and 15:15 h
Sunday, 20.9.: 12:15 h and 15:15 h

13.09.2009 - New shape - Pt. I »

The big news is that PERSEPHONE have been "growing". The band will be enlarged by two new musicians.

Let's start with Florian C. Reithner who is already known as the pianist on "Mean" of the record "Letters to a Stranger".
Born in 1984 he started very early to build up his skills in composition and the piano. Nowadays he is the winner of several international contests of improvisation and instrumental music. Even as a composer for silent picture he has been earning his spurs shortly. His work as a composer, director and organist/pianist has been taken him across Europe to the USA, Asia and South Africa. His musical style is described as a mixture between "memorable themes and bizarre ideas".
PERSPHONE can confirm this and they are glad to call him one of theirs. He furthermore completes the trio of men who celebrate their birthday the same date.



« 10.09.2009 - As promised...

...we are now starting to reveal the mysterious foretelling of the "new shape" PERSEPHONE is going to be in:
Tim Warweg, who has already been playing the vibraphone on the releases "Mera Sangeet Kho Gaya" and "Letters to a Stranger" has been taking over the percussions since the beginning of this year.

Tim has been studying drums at Dr. Hoch's Conservatory in Frankfurt/Main and also absolved a masterclass-study in Klagenfurt/Austria. Since then he has been engaged for numerous bands and events with a huge range of different musical styles: At the "Alte Oper" Frankfurt, the jazz-festival of the "Hessischer Rundfunk" or at the "Rheingau Festival". He's been playing tours supporting Jethro Tull, Manfred Mann's Earthband, Laith Al-Deen and Pink.
After we already shared many live-experiences together with Tim we are looking forward to even more concerts.

04.09.2009 - STRAMU running order »

For tomorrow, Würzburg opens its gates for a very spectacular event. For one weekend loads of artists, musicians, performers etc. will be in the streets among the inner city.

PERSEPHONE have been given some an adequate place to play: the Kiliansplatz, which formerly had been a graveyard. Between 12 an 16h they will perform each a 35 minutes-set on the hour. If there should be any change of plans due to the weather not playing along this will be pronounced on location.
Admission free!

PERSEPHONE are looking forward to your participation.

More information about the festival can be found at



« 18.08.2009 - Tickets Vienna

From this moment on you can order tickets for the concert at the Bestattung Wien (Funeral service Vienna) at 26.09.2009 (in german only).

AND: Be prepared to see PERSEPHONE in completely new shape. What this exactly means will be revealed on this website soon...

» order tickets online

Infos about the concert:
Bestattung Wien: 1041 Wien, Goldeggasse 19
Doors open: 19.30 h, Stagetime: 20.00 h
in advance: 16,00 EUR; box-office: 19,00 EUR

26.07.2009 - PERSEPHONE @ STRAMU »

PERSEPHONE have been chosen to be one of over 300 artists to perform at the "6. Internationales Straßenmusikfestival 2009 Würzburg" (6th Intl. street music festival 2009 Würzburg).
For one weekend Würzburg will be full of clowns, jugglers and artists performing, promising a fanciful and crazy weekend.
And PERSEPHONE feel delighted to be offered the opportunity to make their contribution to a fancy and crazy time!

The band is located at the "Kiliansplatz" and will perform from time to time at 5th Saturday. Sonja, Martin, Holger, Johannes and Tim will be awaiting your attendance.

More information about the festival can be found at



« 12.07.2009 - Site Update

There are now new pictures in the gallery of the years 2008 and 2009. The news postings of 2008 have been moving into the Newsarchive.

» view gallery

As you might have noticed there are new live-dates. Please check the box at the start of the page for dates.
Ticktes for the Elf Fantasy Fair Festival can already be ordered.

» Tickets for the Elf Fantasy Fair Festival

Information about the concert in Vienna at 26.09.2009 will be pronounced in near future.

21.05.2009 - Huy boo! »

Here you will find some information concerning the upcoming concert this weekend:

The event is entitled "Les Brumes de Mai" (The Myst of May) and will celebrate ethereal gothic neo-classical, medieval and post folk music. On stage will be PERSEPHONE, CORDE OBLIQUE and KELTIA. The event starts at 20h, doors will be open at 19.30h at Centre Culturel (Avenue Delchambre 7a, 4500 Huy).

Information about bands and tickets are to be found well prepared under

PERSEPHONE are looking forward to this concert and hope to see you there.


« 04.04.2009 - A rendezvous with PERSEPHONE

It doesn't happen too often that PERSEPHONE collaborate so close with other bands. But this one was them a great pleasure:
PERSEPHONE reworked "Pandora's Calling" of WHISPERS IN THE SHADOW who released a remix-CD called "Borrowed nightmares and forgotten dreams".
What it sounds like can easily be checked on the release's myspace profile:

» myspace profile of "Borrowed nightmares and forgotten dreams"

And if it weren't enough Sonja will extend the collaboration work tonight because the shadow-whisperer will play a gig in Cologne. Be surprised. Information about tonight's happening can be gathered on the local's website:

» go to website of "Alter Wartesaal"

But now collaboration is over! Purely PERSEPHONE can be seen next at 12th April in Hannover where the band will play together with QNTAL and CELLA'DOOR. For more information please check the website of the

» Musikzentrum Hanover.

17.01.2009 - PERSEPHONE Live »

After being away from posting some news for a good long while PERSEPHONE are back and wish you all the best in 2009.

Right at the beginning there are new dates to be announced:
In Hannover, 13th Feb not only PERSEPHONE but also QNTAL and CELLA'DOOR will perform. Detailed information on this night can easily be found on the website of the Musikzentrum Hannover (Music Center of Hannover).

Further news concerning the other dates will be available on this website within a while.


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