« 24.11.2010 - Job's news

And as if it hadn't been hard enough lately there are more bad news: As well the last two remaining concerts in 2010 have to be postponed.

The WOD-Festival will now take place at 05. Feb 2011.
The concert at Castle Kipfenberg has been moved to 15. Jul 2011.

Hopefully 2011 will hold less surprises ready for PERSEPHONE.

16.11.2010 - Replacement concert in Wernigerode »

There has been found a new date to catch up for the cancelled concert in October:
So at 19th March 2011, 19.30h PERSEPHONE will perform as usual in the Chapel of the Castle of Wernigerode. Those of you who already hold a ticket (for october) will receive the new one in change if you send it unfranked to:

Schloß Wernigerode GmbH
Am Schloß
38855 Wernigerode

We apologise for any inconvenience.

In case you do not yet hold a ticket, you can order it by email or phone right now:

phone: +49 3943 – 55 30 40

Schloss Wernigerode
  Schloss Wernigerode - Silhouette

« 15.10.2010 - Newsflash:
    Concert in Wernigerode cancelled!!

Due to illness sadly the concert at the Castle of Wernigerode this saturday 16th Oct has to be cancelled:

3 men failed briefly which makes it impossible for PERSEPHONE to perform. The concert will be catched up, the date will be pronounced as soon as possible.

Martin: "We are all very sad to cancel the show as we were really, really looking forward to it. Shortly before leaving those terrible news reached us. Tim even had to go to hospital and it seems as he wouldn't be able to play for some time. We wish him and the others all best an a quick recovery."

12.10.2010 - 19:30h in Dezember... » be more precisely at 18th, PERSEPHONE will be once again on stage. And the best is:
Not only does the Castle Of Kipfenstein look like being a refugee for witches, it even has its own tower built for them! And this is put in between the "Garden of the main keep"...
So, joining the perfect romance is just some clicks away:

Tickets can already be ordered on the website of "Wings Of Desitiny":

» order tickets for the concert at Castle Of Kipfenberg online

If you dare or prefer you can also order them by phone:
Just dial 0049 (0) 8465 - 905 707 - "Happiness is just a teardrop away..."

Castle Of Kipfenstein

« 05.10.2010 - New shape in fall

The preparation work for the concert at Oct 16th in Wernigerode is in heavy progress: Martin has been working out the new arrangements (see left), now the rehearsals will start. Seemingly this turns out to to be a very thrilling event...

And if you want to take part in it you should not miss to order the tickets by phone: +49 –55 30 40 or by e-mail:

20.09.2010 - New Dates »

After being absent for a while here's a short newsflash for you:
PERSEPHONE will be playing at next year's Amphi-Fesival in Cologne. But before that they will be once again at the Castle of Wernigerode where they will perform together with members of the Philharmonic Chamberorchestra of Wernigerode. Martin is already working on new arrangements. More information coming soon.

Tickets for Wernigerode can be ordered by phone +49 3943 – 55 30 40 or E-Mail.

Castle of Wernigerode

« 06.06.2010 - All about theatre

Soon they will be there: PERSEPHONE will be playing at this year's "Alles Theater" (All about theatre)-festival in Gera at 23:30 h. It will be a promising night with loads of lights and candles lit across the orangery of Gera. So, if you'd like to be part of this magical night you can order tickets here:


And if you should be too cold this night just drop by PERSEPHONE's merch - you'll find new hoodies there!

12.05.2010 - New concert »

Late at night, at 12th June, PERSEPHONE will be playing at the orangery in the "Geraer Küchengarten", performing at and in the "magic night".
Further information can be gathered at the website of Gera (in german):

» 18. Open-Air-Festival "Alles Theater" am 12. und 13. Juni - Magische Nacht und bunter Theater-Sonntag

12.06.2010, D-Gera "Alles Theater"

« 01.05.2010 - A big piece of chunk

This is what it will be: PERSEPHONE will not just play a concert at Castle of Wernigerode as usual, they will be supported by members of the Philharmonic chamber orchestra of Wernigerode this time.
Those gentle listeners of PERSEPHONE concerts will be alert to recognize that this will mean an adapted arrangement in the music which will fit same the romantic surroundings of the castle and the beautiful acoustics of the chapel.

More information about the concert and tickets:
» 16.10.2010 D-Wernigerode, Castle of Wernigerode

11.04.2010 - Tour-diary and COMA DIVINE »

Finally PERSEPHONE have been coming home safely. The complete report of the tour is now online.

» read Tour-diary

Shortly after arriving there are more news to be announced: To act their passion for rock-music out, Sonja, Martin, Ashley Dayour (guitar), Franz Heinrich Lirsch (bass-guitar) and Wolfgang Luckner (drums) founded the band COMA DIVINE.
You can listen to their songs on their myspace-appearance:

  "Atma Gyan" & "Mera Sangeet Kho Gaya" wieder erhältlich

« 18.03.2010 - Tour-diary

Soon the tour "Labyrinth of Longings" will start. Tomorrow PERSEPHONE will be on their way to the last rehearsal together with the technical crew. After that they will be heading for Leipzig. To keep you up to date what is happening with the crowd during that time, there will be a tour-diary on myspace to report about what's going on.
Follow PERSEPHONE on myspace:!

The tourdates:
20.03.2010 D-Leipzig, Victor Jara
22.03.2010 D-Berlin, K17
23.03.2010 D-Hamburg, Markthalle
24.03.2010 D-Nürnberg, Der Hirsch
25.03.2010 D-Duisburg, Forum Rheinhausen
26.03.2010 D-Frankfurt, Batschkapp
27.03.2010 D-Kirkel-Limbach/Saarland, Dorfhalle

14.03.2010 - Very special event »

The novel "Judassohn" (son of Judas) by author Markus Heitz will be firstly presented at the Leipziger Buchmesse 2010 (book fair Leipzig). To celebrate this release condignly there has been initiated a very special event:

Together with PERSEPHONE and dancer Asherah Latifa he will do a tour across Germany where reading, music and dance will enter a symbiosis.
But before things are ready for take-off there's still work to be done. Yesterday the author, dancer and the band met at PERSEPHONE's halls to work out details of this deeply conceptual work. This very creative and intense time they spent with each other made them all looking even more forward to the upcoming tour, starting at 20th March in Leipzig.

This means an event that not often will be going to happen - so surely you shouldn't miss it! Check the tourdates at the top of the page!


  "Atma Gyan" & "Mera Sangeet Kho Gaya" wieder erhältlich

« 27.02.2010 - Re-Releases on 19th March 2010

After the records of "Atma Gyan" and "Mera Sangeet Kho Gaya" haven't been available for quite some time they will be rereleased on 19th March this year - just in time before the tour "Labyrinth of Longings" will start.
The records can already be pre-ordered for instance via Amazon (Germany) or Infrarot.
We'd ask those of you who want to get an overview of these two records to follow the links below where you'll not just find a tracklist, artwork-images and the lyrics but also a short production-report:

» Atma Gyan
» Mera Sangeet Kho Gaya

30.01.2010 - "Labyrinth of Longings" - Tour 2010 »

PERSEPHONE feel delighted to pronounce that they will musically support author Markus Heitz at his upcoming reading tour across Germany.

The vampire-thriller called "Judassohn" will be presented firstly at the Leipziger Buchmesse (book fair Leipzig). More information about the novel and the tour are provided on the website

Tickets for Leipzig can be ordered at eventim and ticket69. Tickets for other shows can be obtained directly at the local venues.


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