Part one: The drum session

Lothar Weise plays the drums on "Atma Gyan". Even before we got into the studio he did some very amazing takes for "Facing The Ruins" and "Our Dream". Curious about the sound? Click here.

Part two: Getting started

Sonja and Matt making first decisions in the "Nachtschicht" -Studio.

Holger (Cello) plays his parts quite cool, and fastly builds a basic sound which makes things go on further easily.

Katrin Ebert delivers the large Violin- and Violaparts with overwhelming clearance and speed. The Songs grow! She plays at "Facing The Ruins", "Lost", "My Sweetest Pain", "Black Widow" and "Atma Gyan".

Part three: Percussions and vibes

John Abdel-Sayed plays all percussions on "Atma Gyan". Because of his imagination on over ten instruments we decided to extended the session over two days.

One of his favourite instruments: the Tambura. Along other percussions you can hear the Tambura on "My Music Is Gone". Altogether John plays on "My Music Is Gone", "Lost", "My Sweetest Pain", "Secret Garden", "Black Widow" and "Atma Gyan".

Part four: Indian style

David Distelmann amazingly creates the right atmosphere for "Secret Garden", "Our Dream" and "Atma Gyan" on his Sitar.

Chander Mohan translated the English version of "Secret Garden" into Hindi. We invited his brother, Brijesh Kumar into the studio to record this translation, as you can see above.

Part five: We need Bass!

Johannes Kramer (Doublebass), King of low frequencies at "Lost", "My Sweetest Pain", "Black Widow" and "Atma Gyan". The beautiful, warm sound of his instrument makes you shiver!

That's what Matt must have been thinking and makes Johannes giving his very best. Currently working on "My Sweetest Pain"...

Part six: "Good guitar- Evil bass"

Wim Leydes - writing songs and lyrics for PERSEPHONE as well - plays his parts highly concentrated. His fingers were nearly bleeding...

vil Rob! The gardener of your confidence. Robert Beyer plays very cool bass-lines which he regards quiet critically (with this very expression in his eyes). But you never get disappointed as you will hear at "Shadow Dance". He is playing at "Facing The Ruins" and "Our Dream", too.

Part seven: Piano & Cello

On the piano, on the cello, behind the desk. There's much to do for Martin who is currently playing the piano at "Our Dream".

Some parts were done spontaneously at the studio, the rest of the arrangements were already done, like "Eternal Grief".

Part eight: Sonja on stage

After two weeks all instruments are done, so it's time to record Sonja's vocals. She starts with "The End Of The World".

Part nine: Basic needs

"Just let them go on.", is what Sonja is thinking and devotes herself to the overwhelming feeling of tiredness. By all means: Regarding the 14-16 hours of daily work sleeping in the studio is permitted...

... That's what Matt must have been thinking. Some days later he shares the same fate.

"Sleep! Would be great... But not without a nice song to drift away!", such as "Lullaby".

Part ten: Violin of Madness

Martin prepares the songs while Matt is warming up... be able to create atmospherical sounds and solos with his passionate play as you can hear on "Our Dream".

Part eleven: Goodbye

The end of the recordings, the end of Matt's stay and his "Violin of madness". We'd like to thank Matt for his ideas, patience and persistance. 'We "Lost" him...' - Out of sight but not out of sense...

Last part: The finish

We went to the Woodbine St. Recording Studios, GB, to mix Atma Gyan. Sonja enjoys a break with a cup of tea.

The Master himself: John A. Rivers, owner and producer of the Woodbine St. Recording Studios where already bands like DEAD CAN DANCE, SOPOR AETERNUS and L'ÂME IMMORTELLE had their albums recorded.

Lost in listening: Martin silently judges the intense work of two weeks of mixing and finishing the record "Atma Gyan".
This is how to countdown of the new release ends. We'd like to thank everyone who was involved for their energy and ideas. Special thanks go to Matt Howden and John A. Rivers who strongly influenced the sound and the songs of this record.

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