Never get into a dutch city by car, it’s horrible driving in there. But enough of that. We were completely amazed by this place. I mean, we`ve been playing in churches but this was a cathedral, a really monstrous location. And so was the sound! It was not too easy playing this concert although our stagetime was unfamiliarly short – but trying to... [+]


« Castle Party - Bolkow [PL], 25.07.2008

It was an early start today: Getting the car at the car rental, gathering Holger and Johannes, loading and heading off for Poland. At 9.30 a.m. we are on the road as planned. Good one! We’ll be picking John up later as we often do when the road leads to the east.
Already in the morning it is very warm and storms are expected – well, it is summer, we won’t complain. Safely we get to Dresden where another gentleman is... [+]



« Hannover [D], 08.02.2008



« Stuttgart [D], 02.02.2008



« Vienna [A], 26.01.2008


« Prague [CZ], 06.05.2006

The night before we had played a nice concert in Hanau. Feeling refreshed after having some breakfast we headed for Prague. We picked up Jochen and all the other guys from BELLA DONNA and together we went straight to the Czech Republik. When we came close to the frontier I had to wake up everybody and ask for their passports. I turned my head to Sonja and recognized her face turning from pale to almost sallow, she even seemed to shrink in her seat. At least everyone was wide awake now.... [+]

Already at dusk on the 12th of April we embarked in the direction of the airport, however, not in the originally planned band lineup. Toby decided at short notice that he was unable to come along because he was very busy at work. Fortunately we were able to find Martin Parzer who substituted for him because we did not want to cancel the concert under any circumstances.
We reached Frankfurt Hahn Airport with this new band lineup where everything proceeded relatively relaxed and uncomplicated. The check-in was... [+]

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