31. August

"9:13 Uhr"
Wernigerode, 01./02.09.2006

In November 2005 we played at Wernigerode Castle and were afterwards introduced to Musical Director Christian Fitzner. Being completely open-minded he’s always looking for new musical challenges and so he asked us if we’d like to perform together with his orchestra. “For sure” we said and started the plans. Our performance was involved to the “Last Night”- concert which is played each year at the end of the summer-season on Wernigerode Castle. So we arranged some of our songs completely new, created scores and so on.

09:13am The last cigarette bevor entering the train

Part of the party: Hagen the band mascot who shall support Sonja and Martin on their first day, when they have to cope the rehearsal without Holger, Johannes and John...

Well, Hagen takes it easy -)

A man and his cello hit the road


Arrival at Wernigerode...


Shortly after Sonja and Martin moved into the nice hotel, they had to leave for the rehearsal.
Sonja strikes a pose, after all two cellists are missing today...


Nevertheless, better leave it to the pros!!

"1st rehersal"

14:30am Rehearsal at the baronial stables

"When we arrived at Wernigerode for rehearsals we found that Christian Fitzner was severely sick but sent his uncle, Othmar Mága, to fill in for this task. Not challenge enough that we didn’t really know how the songs would sound like with a 40-member-orchestra we also had to make Othmar Mága get an idea of our music – he didn’t know the songs at all. But he is a very nice gentleman and in fact we didn’t need many words to make ourselves clear. And from the first note on the orchestra played it was just like being in a dream. Everything went perfect – the arrangement, the sound, the athomsphere, just everything. Well, first time the orchestra-members may have been a bit irritated and sometimes they asked if the music was properly written down (especially on “Black Widow”) but once they had the idea of our music in their heads there were no questions left."


Relief after the rehearsal! (please imagine great euphoria on this picture!)

1. September
Sonja and Martin stroll through the Old Town, while the rest of the band had to get up early to arrive in time

Church of Johannis


Old Town of Wernigerode


Going to the castle with the lovely small train

"2nd Rehersal, I"

Castle of and perspective from Wernigerode


Fun and play for the whole family


Getting serious! Before the rehearsal at the Mercedes Benz Centre of Wernigerode

Holger and Juana don`t seem very happy with the whole situation :)


„I`m off then!“


Too late! Sonja already speaks with conductor Othmar Mága...


..and the orchestra is also there yet!

"2nd Rehersal, II "

"Let's get things done!"


Soundcheck and rehearsal at the car centre. The last rehearsal before the concert!

"1st concert"
PERSEPHONE performance at Mercedes Benz Centre Wernigerode

2. September

Our hotel „Johannishof“. After a lovely breakfast Juana and Holger ascertain the city


The same weekend there is a festivity in the Old Town. Holger especially likes the fancy food of Wernigerode


In the meantime a fortune-witch lures our percussionist John into a side street and seduces him with ice cream...


„Strange - suddenly everything looks much brighter!“

"Happy people"
"At the first concert we were all a bit unsure because a whole night had to be filled with music and Othmar Mága just had very little time to rehearse the songs and get the flow in the music but his calm and steadfast charisma took possession of us all. On the second day it was unsure where we would play. Shortly it was decided that the concert was going to be on the castle courtyard – despite of the big and dark clouds hanging from the sky…




The preparations for tonight's concert are on full speeds

"The flood"

Short soundcheck in the courtyard


The last picture with smiling Sonja


The last picture before the rain


And then the flood and the bustle


All instruments and mics had to be saved quickly


According to weather experts it will be just a passing downfall


Fortunately the rainclouds pass by...

"Good luck, then"

...so the concert begins with a short delay


The first part of the concert is brilliant, but then:


...rain again!

While we were doing our soundcheck and 2 ½ instruments were done loads of water came down with no warning – suddenly it was there. Bustling around, saving our instruments, microphones and a few orchestra instruments (thank God they haven’t been on stage) we wondered if the “Last Night” would be cancelled. It wasn’t. The rainclouds passed and the concert began, everything was fine. ‘Till the break…

The last hope: a prayer and the furtune witch


Trembling uncertainty... But the Gods of weather are kind and PERSEPHONE will be able to enter the stage each minute... Good luck!




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