Castle Party - Bolkow [PL], 25.07.2008 »

It was an early start today: Getting the car at the car rental, gathering the guys, loading and heading off for Poland. At 9.30 a.m. we are on the road as planned. Good one! We’ll be picking John up later as we often do when the road leads to the east.
Already in the morning it is very warm and storms are expected – well, it is summer, we won’t complain. Safely we get to Dresden where another gentleman is joining us: “The little Lord” who is doing the merch and taking care of fans in general.
Meanwhile it is incredibly hot and we open every window of the car as the air condition cannot take it anymore.
What makes this concert at Castle Party so special for us is that we’re the only ones who don’t play at the castle but at the church at the old city square. As we arrive there who is the first person we see? Matt Howden (SIEBEN) who is also playing tonight but unfortunately at the castle and more
or less at the same time as we are performing so unfortunately we aren’t able to see this great performer. It is a very warm welcome and a good beginning. We are very happy about being here as it is the first time we have been to Poland. The crew is extraordinarily nice, polite and helpful making us feel good. The gothics which have entered the whole city look great and create a very intent atmosphere around the beautiful place. A bit late but still in time we start preparations and quickly afterwards start with the soundcheck which is guarded not only by an american film-team but also by passengers who are standing outside, watching us through the lattice-door of the entrance. Looks funny.
The acoustics is great but also not too easy to handle but after a short while we’re used to it and finish the soundcheck.
The concert: The promoter is taking a little speech ahead of the show and it finally starts. When I enter the church I am very much impressed: it’s almost jam-packed in there. Each place is taken and people are as well standing in the back! This is an impressive start. Shortly before the concert began there was a little shower outside which makes the air highly damp, so when I pick up
my instrument it is almost like someone had poured water over it!
The concert itself is one of the most impressive we must have been playing so far: First there are very many people around, second it is not too often that you see the crowd participating the whole thing so much, in a sense that you see them being into the music not passively but enjoying openly our performance and taking something personally out of it with them. This may sound a bit strange now but I cannot describe it in other words.
After the show there is still much to do: An interview with the film-team who seems deeply impressed, some autographs and then pack the whole stuff again. Luckily we are allowed to leave our instruments and everything in the church – in Poland, this must be the safest place to put something, even safer than in a bank! And we have to hurry to take some food as the hotel’s kitchen is about to close its
services. Well, it’s been around 10.30 p.m. so we could understand that. We make it in time, though, and get a well-deserved meal and an even more deserved ice-cold pint of beer to celebrate this day! Most of us are too tired to go up to the castle which we haven’t seen yet but at the hotel we meet some old friends of GARDEN OF DELIGHT who have just arrived and so we finish the day with some more pints and a nice chat about ancient times. The next day we take our time to at least take a look at the castle although there are no performances running but the whole thing looks great and the castle is very amazing with an extraordinary view over the valley. Finally we start our travel back home.

Very special thanks to the local promoters and the crew who were taking care of us. If we’d like to return? Hell, yeah!!!


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