Summer Darkness Festival   
Utrecht [NL], 08.08.2008 »

How typical: When loading the car we all got soaked by rain and once we hit the highway it turned out to be a lovely day. Although delayed because of traffic jams we arrived at Utrecht – at least we tried. And after a while we succeeded finding the cathedral. Never get into a dutch city by car, it’s horrible driving in there. But enough of that. We were completely amazed by this place. I mean, we`ve been playing in churches but this was a cathedral, a really monstrous location. And so was the sound! It was not too easy playing this concert although our stagetime was unfamiliarly short – but trying to catch up what Sonja was singing was a challenge because we hardly heard her voice. I’m sure
the audience did, though... After the concert we parked the car somewhere (god, those dutch parking-fees are extremely high!) and went off to examine the city and the gothic goings. After we had grabbed something to eat we made a little walk through the inner city, aiming at the location where Matt Howden had played his show. Again we were too late to enjoy Matt’s performance but at least we met him and had a nice chat for the rest of the evening. Tired we tried to find our way out of the city (took us ages again) to get to the hotel which was a bit outside of Utrecht. Again: We succeeded and each of us enjoyed the well-deserved close of the day.
The next morning we started early our way back home and at noon we already were back! This is unusual because mostly we return back home somewhen in the middle of the night. I for myself didn’t do anything that day anymore except enjoying the memories of this gig and the festival.


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