Sonja Kraushofer

As well as the obvious characteristic features such as the red hair and the enchanting voice, Sonja has a unique ability to motivate other people, or to de-motivate them! She never forgets the rules of courtesy but she can also be very brusque when others do. Before she attended the Academy of Music & Interpretative Arts in Vienna, where she took classes in order to become a musical performer, she very early on had piano and ballet lessons. She gave her debut as a singer more than 10 years ago with the band L’ÂME IMMORTELLE which has lately been enjoying much popularity as well as high chart placing. There followed invitations to participate in productions apart from her continued work with the band. For the setting-to-music of the poems of Elsa Lasker-Schüler on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the poet’s death she sang “Weltende”. Since 2005 Sonja is a permanent member of the theatre group “Ensemble Herzbruchstück” (“Splinters of the Heart”) which gives regular performances. At PERSEPHONE concerts she only ever appears barefoot and it is typical for her that she has never caught cold as a result of this. Her obsession with perfection is given expression through intensive rehearsals, planning and discussions. Her highly expressive performances provide distraction not only for the audience but also for the band members.

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